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Mindful 3C : Clarity > Clearance > Creativity                 

We all experience discomfort and energy leakage in our interaction with work, people and self which are in fact all part of our present moment self experience.

Being clear about our present moment self experience is the key to the clearance of discomfort and energy leakage.

Many smart people overlook the importance of this clarity of present self, the clearance of self disturbance and creativity in excellent human activities.

Now people call it MINDFULNESS or Mindful Action.


Lead & Sell better by Connecting more with and Attaching less to Self

If you want to lead and close deals more effectively, you can make a big difference by connecting more with and attaching less to your present self in your working process. You can learn the art in half day, one day or longer time sessions.




Love better by Connecting more and Attaching less with Self

You may think that you sense, feel or think about your important ones a lot, but is there enough clarity, clearance and creativity ? Do you want to try the wonder of mindful love with more connection and less attacment?




Learn better by more Clarity, Clearance & Creativity

You need to force your attention to your teachers, books, notes and work ? Do you know what will happen if you connect more with and attach less to your dream, values, beliefs, goals, actions, feedbacks and yourself ?




Liberate People by more Connection & less Attachment

As a leader or parent it is critical to liberate the resources in your team or your kids. Have you tried to do it better by connecting more with and attaching less to yourself ?

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